A Letter For The World

For all men and women in all around the world,

It's nice to know that you all are enjoying World Cup in Brazil recently. I enjoy it too. My favorite team is Netherlands, same as my family. 

But today I want to tell you something. It's more important than World Cup that we watch.

First, let me introduce myself. My pen name is Mitarashi Hana and I live in the country which has the highest moslem population in the world. And here, in my letter for you all, I want to tell you a really important thing. It's about our brothers and sisters who live in Gaza, face the war every day with Israel, for one thing: Al - Aqsha, the land which protected, even by their souls. 

I'm here to tell you that it's the time for us to open our eyes. I feel conscious, why there is no television program or news which report about Gaza condition now. Israel attack them once again, the children die one by one, and every day they must ready to face their brother's or sister's body lose their souls because of it. Now they need medicine, food, drink, and daily needed because those are hard to find in this such war. I'm sure. 

Still, I feel conscious, this risk condition must be shared in all around the world. But my friends and I know it from social media. It's wrong. All of news must share it. So the leader of all countries will help them immediately. In my country itself, the presidential election make us busy and maybe, we forget about our brother and sister there. While, Palestine was the first country which acknowledged our independent so we have moral duty with them. 

And I just remember that we, the moslem people, are fasting now in Ramadan month. I can't imagine how come they survive in such of war while they are fasting! Do they have something to break their fasting? We are here feel safe to do our fasting and pray. I know that they don't feel the same as us!

But the children of Palestine are much braver and tougher than we know.

I know that we feel happy and enjoy because of World Cup. But remember, the children in Gaza never have chance to feel what we feel now. Every day they must ready if the bomb destroy their mosques, schools, and house. In their age, they already learn how to use weapon! While the children all around the world can feel their childhood happily, they can't!

And for The United Nations, I remember when I was study in my high school, I learned about Atlantic Charter and UDHR (United Nations Declaration of Human Right) in Civic. It's the proof that you acknowledge the human right, isn't it? Now, let's see. Israel ignore the human right in Gaza, kill many people without right reason, and control their homeland as they want. Why don't you do something to stop it? Do you feel afraid with Israel? 

It's not because of our religion. It's because of human right! If there are many people who say that Islam is terrorist, now please, let's see the moslem in Palestine who killed by Israel. Which is the real terrorist?

I'm here as their representative. I'm here to tell you all that they need your help. As soon as possible.

Mitarashi Hana

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